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05/15/14 02:14 PM #5    

Donna Speaks (Blanton /Wagoner)

I was just looking at the pictures from the last reunion.  It looks like everyone was having a good time.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend that one but hope to attend the next one.  God Bless Everyone!


Donna Speaks Wagoner

09/24/17 08:04 PM #6    

Kris Spainhour (Southard)

Thank you to all who helped plan and organize our 45th reunion, Class of '72 at Tanglewood Park.  It was awesome from start to finish.  I wish each of you the very best for yourselves and your families til we meet again!



09/25/17 09:44 AM #7    


Sherry Wood (Long)

DITTO to Kris's post!  Thank you all so much for making it a ton of fun!  Looking forward to the 50th!!

09/26/17 03:10 PM #8    

Dawn Cromer (Hauser)

Thanks to all who planned, organized, and made this event possible. Being able to reconnect with special friends means more to me than I can explain. We were lucky to have attended such a good school during such an extraordinary time. God bless you all, and I hope we can do this again sooner than later!

09/26/17 06:29 PM #9    

James Higgins

I add my thanks to all who made our reunion possible--the organizers and all of us who attended. We really do have a great class, and it was so gratifying to connect and reconnect with my fellow '72 Vikings!

09/26/17 08:38 PM #10    


Paula Merritt (Holbrook)

Dickie and I had a wonderful time at the 45th Reunion! He has always said "The class of 1972" had the most beautiful ladies! It was great seeing everyone and catching up on the last 45 years. Thanks to all who made Saturday night fun and memorable. Can't wait for #50! Hopefully more classmates will be able to join us! Take care and let's keep in touch. 




06/11/18 05:24 PM #11    

Karen Culler (Johnson)

For any of my classmates that had Mr. Goodwin for Honors English or were members of the Key Club that are living in or visit Winston-Salem from timr to time:

Mr. Goodwin now resides at Arbor Acres in the assisted lining section (Asbury Terrace).  His short term memory is bad ( he will ask you the same thing several times) but long term memory is still good.  I have been to see him a few times and he recognizes me and remembers class mates when I mention them.  He is as sassy as ever and seems pleased to have a visit.  If you are in the area and have a few minutes, drop by and say hello.  I am not sure what his room number is but staff can help with that.  I usually find him in the lobby or dining room.

06/12/18 12:47 PM #12    

James Higgins

Thanks Karen. I was down just this weekend for my sister's birthday but would have tried to stop by had I known. I'll keep it in mind for my next visit.

06/23/18 09:01 AM #13    


Barbara Eddinger (McNeill)

Karen, Thanks so much for this information. Not long ago, I was thinking about Mr.Goodwin and what an impact he had on my life. He was such a gifted teacher academically and because of his ability to motivate and instill confidence. Not to mention, he was also a lot of fun. Will try to see him when I'm in Winston..



07/24/18 02:33 PM #14    

Karen Culler (Johnson)

Does anyone still have any old issues of the school newspaper?  I am looking for an example of the comic "Snookie and Babs."  It was only in the paper our senoir year and I do not know which student created it.  (If you know, please pass on that info.)  I do not care which panel you might have, any one will do.  If you have it, could you scan it and send to me?  Thanks.

07/30/18 06:23 PM #15    


Vincent Butler

I just received word that Kenneth Greene, a Friend and former Football Teammate of mine on the 1971-72 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM, suffered a brain hemorrhage on this past Saturday. He was in the CLASS OF 1973. He is presently in the Hospital. 

Those of you who Pray and Believe in the Power Of Prayer, PLEASE lift up a WORD OF PRAYER for this Brother and his Family.

Those of you who don't Pray and don't Believe in the Power Of Prayer PLEASE just move along and disregard this's OK.


07/31/18 08:12 AM #16    


Dirk Wilmoth

Prayers going up for Kenneth.

07/31/18 01:53 PM #17    

Kris Spainhour (Southard)

Prayers for Kenneth and his family.

05/04/19 08:54 PM #18    

Karen Culler (Johnson)

For those of you who have not heard, Mr. Goodwin died last month. I noticed a change in him beginning six months ago, although he maintained his wit and sense of humor. He was a wonderful teacher who taught us to be ourselves, appreciate the differences in others and to have passion. I for one will greatly miss him.

05/05/19 11:17 AM #19    

James Higgins

I last saw him at a reunion that was at least ten years ago, but he was the same man I liked and admired so much. May he rest in peace.

05/05/19 11:23 AM #20    

L. J. Handy

So sorry to hear about Mr. Goodwin. His spelling test were a hugh undertaking for someone like me. 

Later in life I would see him around town. He always had a smile and was interested in what we were doing.

He insisted ( hope this is spelled correct:) on being called Robert, but I always greeted him as Mr. Goodwin.

05/07/19 11:13 PM #21    


Gary Podgorski

Deeply saddened to hear about the passing of that memorable teacher, mentor, and friend - Mr. Goodwin. To borrow a couple of his favorite vocabulary words - he was an affable, loquacious, magnanimous teacher of all students and it was the vicissitudes of life in the past months  that detoured me from visiting him and thanking him in person. Is it possible that someone ( Karen, possibly?) can post a copy of his obituary? For that matter, is it possible that in the future, can any available obituaries  be posted for the passing of any of our classmates ?  I live miles away but my memories are keen and I cherish those memories of our classmates and times at North Forsyth.

Gary Podgorski

05/08/19 01:43 PM #22    

Rob Rights

Here it is Gary.  You may need to copy it for it to work.

06/21/19 09:01 AM #23    


Jan Doub (Morgan)

I attended Mr. Goodwin's memorial service and was gratified to see so many of his former students there. The service was both moving and funny, thanks to Tim Saunder's eulogy. If you remember, Tim is both a former student of Mr. Goodwin's AND his son-in-law. Recently, he emailed me a copy of the eulogy. I think that I forwarded it to Ric (Ric, did I do that - or just INTEND to?). Can still forward it, for you to make available on this site....

06/22/19 11:23 AM #24    

James Higgins

I would certainly love to see Tim's eulogy

06/26/19 11:45 PM #25    


Ric Marshall

Now added:

06/27/19 07:37 PM #26    

Freda Butner

He was truly a legend that transcends generations. Thanks for sharing the eulogy, it was beautiful. 

09/21/19 10:10 PM #27    


Ric Marshall

North Forsyth High School names track after retired coach Scott Brent:

09/22/19 07:57 AM #28    

Kitty Flowers (Anderson)

Scott  Brent was one of my favorite teachers. So satisfiying to see him honored by naming  th  new track, and establishing a legacy to one of the really good guys. 

09/22/19 03:41 PM #29    

James Higgins

Scott Brent was a good guy and devoted teacher. Glad to hear he's being honored.

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